When enabled, a background color is added behind the slider text to make it more readable atop background images. Option 2: Setting the Slider Height using Divi Booster. Before. Because the height of each slide is determined by the text, if your slide image is tall enough it will drop below the bottom of the slide, creating bottom aligned image. Add a fullwidth section with a fullwidth slider. Since this is your main call to action for your website, I suggest performing split tests to your fullwidth slider using Divi Leads and see which one converts better. Sometimes it’s a good idea to disable some less important slider elements to reduce the size of the slider and make it more readable. Divi Blog module featured images with fullwidth layout: 1 column: 1080, ¾ column: 795, ⅔ column: 700, ½ column: 510, ⅓ column: 320, ¼ column: 225 Divi has various icons to choose from. A great feature of the slider is the ability to use it in "full-width" mode. Consupport. I am having some issue with the divi slider, trying to make it full height not just full width. A great feature of the slider is the ability to use it in "full-width" mode. 1 License. “Cover” is the default behavior, which will scale the image to cover the entire slide area. Line height affects the space between each line of your header text If you would like to increase the space between each line, use the range slider to adjust the space or input your desired spacing size into the input field to the right of the slider. We have found that 1200 x 400 pixels works well for full-width slider photos, but you can use whatever size works best for you. Divi full-width slider: minimum 1280px but ideally1920px. Then, the last thing I might want to check is just the mobile devices. As the size of the screen gets smaller on mobile devices, screen real estate becomes more precious. To do so, locate the "ET Settings" box to the right of the post editor and change the Page Layout setting to "Full Width": Click on the blue "Use Page Builder" button (located below the page title and above the page editor), you'll then see the Divi Page Builder appear, like so: By default the Page Builder starts with a regular, non-fullwidth section. By default, Divi uses the Open Sans font for all text on your page. DIVI Carousel plugin has some advanced functionality that gives you the advantage of controlling almost everything within this module. In this Divi theme tutorial, I am going to show you a fairly simple way to make the full-width Divi slider responsive. By default, Divi uses the Open Sans font for all text on your page. So having too many elements on the page with the same animations or effects it’s sometimes… borring. You can add multiple classes, separated with a space. Set your images in the background and then select the ‘fit’ option from the background size dropdown field, it will then adjust as you want it . Log In Sign Up. Choose whether or not you would like to display left and right navigation arrows. Preview 110+ Premade Websites & 880+ Premade Layouts. The width of your slider is determined by the browser width. As the size of the screen gets smaller on mobile devices, screen real estate becomes more precious. Select your custom color using the color picker to change the button’s border color. You want full control! Adjusting this setting will change the color of the icon that appears in your button. The input fields supports different units of measurement, which means you can input “px” or “em” following your size value to change its unit type. Here you can apply custom CSS to any of the module’s many elements. 1/4 column: 225px by 170px. Try Out The Drag & Drop Page Builder for FREE! CSS input into these settings are already wrapped within style tags, so you need only enter CSS rules separated by semicolons. Note that in earlier versions of Divi, there were separate "Background Image" and "Background Color" options (before this tabbed background option was added). There are quite a few options, not all of which we need to worry about. WhatsApp. Divi offers another slider module to create a video slider on your page. By default, these arrows inherit the slide’s main text color. I hope you can figure it out. In the Content tab of the Fullwidth Slider Settings, click + Add New Item to create your first slide. Divi Slider Full with background image. These options are separated into three main groups: Content, Design and Advanced. Use the color picker to choose a color for the background overlay. Next, we'll set the page to be full width, meaning that it won't have any sidebars. The DIVI Post Slider Module is a wonderful way to showcase our posts and articles, but unfortunately it can be very harmful to our page load time. By default when you place an image in fullwidth slider it places left side of the text, what if you want to place the image in right and text on left. Start by creating a new page (Pages -> Add New) and edit it with Divi Builder by clicking the Use Divi Builder button. Next, you will need to add a full-width section to the Divi Builder and then add a full-width slider module (see the two screenshots below). The value will transition from the base value defined in the previous settings. If you would like to display a button below your slider content enter the button text here.
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