In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests must impress a panel of judges from seasons past with a set of Slop-based recipes. Big Brother James and Little Brother Brian. 2. Hidden in the garbage were numerous Veto symbols, and the first HouseGuest to find six symbols would be the winner. Later that day, Janelle chose to nominate Danielle and Erika for eviction. [17] This season lasted for a total of 72 days, making it the shortest season at the time. She then cast the sole vote to evict Will from the game. [38] Mike was the winner of this competition, and also won a Pontiac Solstice Convertible. S7 E25. [38] For this, HouseGuests answered multiple choice questions, and would be hit in the face with pie by "gnomes" if they answered incorrectly; Mike was the winner. (TV-PG), The Final PoV Competition is tough, but one nominee wins it and saves herself. For "The Ghosts of Big Brother Past" HoH Competition. The viewers also voted for the Prom King or Queen, with this winner getting an advantage in the competition; Janelle was selected, however, could not compete as outgoing Head of Household. [83] Danielle was the winner of the competition, making it the first time that someone outside of the "Season Six" alliance won; James won the right to nullify an eviction vote, Mike won $10,000, and Marcellas won a slop pass. Following Kaysar's eviction, HouseGuests competed in "The Ghost of Big Brother Past" Head of Household competition. This was the first season to feature Slop as the punishment food, as it was originally peanut butter and jelly. She entered the House on Day 10. Secret Partners: Each houseguest had a secret partner in the game, although the partners each competed as individuals, were nominated as individuals, and were evicted as individuals. Are Boogie and Erika involved in a showmance? On Day 1, the fourteen HouseGuests entered the house for a second chance at winning the game. He became the sixth member of the Jury of Seven. They were required to dig through slop without using their hands in an attempt to find rubber rats. One of the Chill boys is evicted, and the final HoH Competition begins. Retrieved on 10 August 2020. ↑ Promi Big Brother 2020 Einschaltquoten: So viele sahen Claudias Auszug am Montag. The winner of the Power of Veto competition wins the right to save one of the nominated HouseGuests from eviction. [54] That same day, Kaysar chose to nominate Diane and Nakomis for eviction, with Nakomis being his target. To judge the "Big Brother Bakery" Food Competition. [126][127][128] He became the third member of the Jury of Seven. The majority of the cast was selected by viewers, though producers did select some HouseGuests; it is composed entirely of HouseGuests from the first six seasons. The HouseGuests earned some foods for the week, with George earning a slop pass and the HouseGuests winning a trampoline and a "Christmas in August" luxury prize. Big Brother 2020, also known as Big Brother 13 and known specifically as Big Brother 20, was the thirteenth season of the German reality television series Big Brother.The show returned after a five-year hiatus and began airing on 10 February 2020 on Sat.1 and ended after 99 days on 18 May 2020, twenty years after the first season aired. A special HoH Competition results in a first-time win for one All-Star and yet another power shift in the house. [26] Though not being included in the eighth edition, this prize (or a slight variation including all evicted HouseGuests, not just jurors) would be featured in all subsequent seasons of Big Brother (including Celebrity Big Brother but excluding Big Brother: Over The Top). [42] Despite this plan, Jase and the "Season Six" alliance later discussed the plan with one another, and he agreed to help them out in the game. [38] For this competition, HouseGuests had to hit over-sized golf balls in the backyard, and earned a certain number of golf balls depending on where their ball landed in the backyard. (TV-PG), Technical difficulties force a redo of the HoH Competition, with different results. Time will tell. Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha also returned in the second All-Stars season.[35]. [47][48][49], Following Alison's eviction, HouseGuests competed in the "Alison Rules" Head of Household competition. James was the winner of the competition. The HouseGuest who finished the competition in the fastest time was the winner; Janelle won the Power of Veto. Twenty potential candidates were revealed on June 21, 2006, in a special telecast on CBS. In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests must impress a panel of judges from seasons past with a set of Slop-based recipes. HoH Erika announces her nominations. In addition to the All-Star HouseGuests, numerous other HouseGuests from past seasons returned as well in a guest capacity, usually to host competitions. [38] For this competition, HouseGuests had to make a device that would get them the keys off of a gnome in the backyard; James was the winner. [145] On Day 61, Mike chose to nominate Erika and Janelle for eviction. [7] In April 2006, it was officially confirmed that the seventh season would be an All-Star season. 5:04. HoH Janelle nominates a floater, and alliances shift again. [38] For this competition, HouseGuests were placed in personal graves and were offered luxuries and punishments; they would gain points for each punishment they took, and lost points for each luxury they took. "Lance Showmance," aka Boogie, does his best to work on Erika. To host the "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Veto" PoV Competition. [31] HouseGuests may voluntarily leave the House at any time and those who break the rules may be expelled from the house by Big Brother. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. [25] Additionally, a mobile package was introduced this season. BIG BROTHER packs a whole week of activity into this single episode, with an eviction, the HoH Competition, the PoV Competition and a second eviction. [159] For that week, the series averaged 7.3 million viewers. was an Emmy finalist for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television. [37] Following their entrance, HouseGuests competed in the "Falling Stars" Head of Household competition. During the live eviction, the show was hosted by Julie Chen. HouseGuests are sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to or from the outside world. The ensuing HoH Competition ends with the crowning of a second-time HoH. If a ball fell on the way to the top, the HouseGuests ate whatever area their ball fell into that day. [57] On Day 18, Nakomis became the second HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a vote of eight to two. The HouseGuests were given clues to a secret phrase that referenced the game of Big Brother. [38] For this competition, HouseGuests attempted to read Big Brother phrases spelled backwards in an attempt to guess what the correct phrase was. [18] This was a change from the previous season, which aired on Saturdays instead of Sundays. (TV-PG), In the live finale, the All-Stars reunite once again and confront the Final Two about their performance in the game. [27] The winner of the weekly Head of Household competition is immune from nominations and must nominate two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. For the first time, the house has a billiards table. Twists All Star Cast - 16 returning players were brought back to fight for the chance to win the game., The Iceberg - For the first 2 weeks, the mysterious 3 Invaders: PandaDude68, T0mRiddlee, and VeroniicaGrande chose a twist to enter the house. The losing team will be forced to eat Big Brother Slop for the week. It was the seventh season of the Big Brother … [107] On Day 43, Danielle chose to use the Power of Veto to remove herself from the block, with Marcellas being nominated in her place. Mike could not compete due to his injury, thus had to select the team he felt would win. It was initially announced that six houseguests (three men and three women) would be voted in, but due to a high number of submissions, an extra man and … This season featured a slight change to the schedule that was used in the previous edition, with episodes airing on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Sunday each week. (TV-PG L) Air Date: Jul 11, 2018 [23] Due to being in the house, Marcellas Reynolds did not co-host this season, thus different co-hosts were used throughout the season. (TV-PG), The Food Competition banishes Slop for the week, as the HouseGuests win menus for each day. 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