Astronaut Songtext von Sido feat. For a long time I've felt that I belong up here. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. Yes, Juan, but i don'tl ike to touch somebody ... Pequeños errores de ortografía detectados: Astronaut – SIDO Tabbed by [Refrain] Em G D Cmaj7 Em Ich heb' ab, nichts hält mich am Boden, alles blass und grau, G D Am7 Em Bin zu lange nicht geflogen, wie ein Astronaut. Alien Lyrics: I don't belong and I feel a little bit lost, I'm an alien / They lock me out and I don't know what I've done, I'm an alien / I'm an alien / I'm an alien / Lookin' in the mirror Drowning worries and problems in a glass full of wine. Andreas Bourani, 742,039 Shazams, featuring on 2010er Deutschpop Essentials, and Top Songs of 2019: Germany Apple Music playlists. This is a gap test that I did up for a 5th Year Ordinary level class (Irish school system). The Beatles - The Ballad Of John and Yoko, Ernesto Halffter Escriche - Ai que linda moça. (Wir laufen 'rum...) / [Verse 1] / С Em Em (. 2018. The world seems so small. I think it had great lyrics. Can anybody hear me? Lyrics. Andreas Bourani – Astronaut Capo: 4th fret [Chorus] Em G D Ich heb ab, nichts hält mich am Boden C Em Alles blass und grau G D Bin zu lange nicht geflogen C Wie ein Astronaut [Verse] Em Wir laufen rum mit der Schnauze voll, die Köpfe sind leer G Sitzen im Dreck bis zum Hals, haben Löcher im Herz D Ertränken Sorgen und Probleme in dem Becher voll Wein C Mit einem Lächeln … Lyrics. For too long I haven't flown, like an astronaut. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. Halt dein Maul Sido. Ich seh' die Welt von oben. 2018 VI. I lost time and space, up here, like an astronaut. Astronaut This song is by Sido, features Andreas Bourani and appears on the album VI (2015). He often wears a silver mask. ... Даже не знаю. Stations With Sido. Or am I talking to myself? Are we not really here to love and to live? Who doesn't look right through me. ‎Essentially a German Eminem -- a comparison that extends far past the color of their skin -- rapper Sido ran afoul of legislators, parents, and good taste via graphic lyrics trafficking in misogyny, violence, and sex. 'with muzzles full', our heads are empty') Sitting in garbage up to our necks, having holes in our hearts. Andreas Bourani) (English Lyrics On Screen) ... German and English Lyrics - Duration: 3:59. 3:59. Now I … 'Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut Sending S.O.S from this tiny box And I lost all signal when I lifted up Now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot. All the noise is silenced, I can't hear you anymore. I haven't flown for too long. Hab's verbessert. Wie ein Astronaut. It's all just static in my head. Astronaut. In this search for someone else. Stars pass me by. Learn German and improve your listening skills playing with the music videos and song lyrics of Andreas Bourani. The light full of star dust. Since we sometimes get the feeling that we don't belong here. Indeed, ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen, aber klar, stimmt. Ich heb' ab, nichts hält mich am Boden. Sending SOS from this tiny box. Sido feat. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "astronaut" - from the website. I take off, nothing holds me on the ground, everything pale and grey, For too long I haven't flown, like an astronaut, We walk around being fed up, the heads are empty, Sitting in dirt up to our throats, having holes in our heart, Drown worries and problems in a cup full of wine, With a stony smile, we don't know any better, We forgot tomorrow already who we have been yesterday, Drop everything for more ash (money) and dust, We all want that it's fine, but we don't pay attention, The voice of sanity fell silent for long, we don't hear it any more, Because sometimes we got the feeling we don't belong here, There is no back and forth any more, only below and above, One of a hundred million, a small spot above the ground, I see the world from above, everything else fades to grey, I lost time and space, up here, like an astronaut, Up here is everything so peaceful, but down there a lot is going on, We all contribute, but break under the burden, We build up and up, till it goes into infinity, Almost 8 billion humans, but the humanity is missing, From up here suddenly it doesn't do anything anymore, From up here one doesn't see borders or the color of the skin, All this noise and nothing falls silent, I don't hear you any more, And with the look at this beauty, I remember everything.
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