| | Imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, Thor must race against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his world, at the hands of the powerful and ruthless villain Hela. The heated argument between the Avengers was interrupted when the Helicarrier was attacked by Hawkeye, blowing up the lab, scattering the team in the chaos. Having defeated the Avengers, Thanos expressed his pleasure in destroying Earth out of spite for heroes, and proceeded to call down his entire army. Criminals, Tony. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. 136 min We are getting the whole team, yeah? Beginning to act questionably, such as donating a large number of his personal belongings and giving Pepper Potts control of Stark Industries, Nick Fury began to intervene, sending Natasha Romanoff a candidate of the Avengers Initiative, in the guise of Stark's new assistant, to keep an eye on him. After their victory, Stark built Ultron, hoping that the A.I. I said we'd lose. | Its purpose was to protect global stability from inner or extraterrestrial threats. Right? After Ultron's defeat, the original Avengers were no more. Stars: The Avengers managed to create a time machine that allowed them to collect the Infinity Stones years before Thanos. | Get the stones. Chris Evans, For almost 70 years.Nick Fury to Steve Rogers. The Avengers were first assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D. Hayley Atwell, Votes: | Action, Adventure, Comedy. Thanos is coming. Karen Gillan, Director: But that's what we do, right? You're turning me down? [18], Every team starts with a group of individuals. The Avengers then watched as the drone began to speak, revealing himself to be Ultron and that he was on a mission for peace. $389.81M, PG-13 Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. Chloé Zhao Michael Keaton, Simu Liu, 654,078 And the whole world knows it. Anthony Russo, The Sokovia Accords. We're the Avengers. We just wanted time. Director: $232.64M, PG-13 However, Loki threw him out of a window as the portal opened. ""They're the Avengers.Wolfgang von Strucker and Fortress Soldier. Fury consulted with Stark regarding the Avengers Initiative, telling him that he's not the only superhero in the world. 115 min What is this? | | Director: After some persuasion, Romanoff was able to convince Banner to accompany her to the Helicarrier. $409.01M, PG-13 Stark's fellow Avengers, along with his wife, gathered around him in his final moments,[11] kneeling before him when he died. ""Exactly.Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson. | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Iron Man, Captain America and Thor confronted Ultron, while Black Widow and Hawkeye took their positions. Marvel fans craving new Avengers adventures will finally get a taste of the MCU Phase 4 in a few weeks. 121 min No mistakes, no do-overs. acquired information about the location of Loki's Scepter, Phil Coulson contacted Maria Hill,[17], who passed this information on to the Avengers. Robert Redford, Votes: All Marvel Avengers Movies - Chronological MCU Timeline. Christian Bale. Its starting was begun with Iron Man 2008 film stars Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges. | Gross: [24], How long are you going to allow this to continue? Chris Hemsworth, Votes: Lang then revealed to them that he had been trapped in the Quantum Realm for the last five years, but it only felt like five hours for him, leading to Lang creating the idea to use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time to undo the Snap. James Rhodes, who was for the Accords due to its severity and support, argued with Sam Wilson, who was against them, being cautious of what would happen to them. [23], It's only a matter of time before some bigger intergalactic problem needs to be solved. Action, Adventure, Comedy. | The Avengers then gathered in the conference room with Tony Stark, as they listened to Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross acknowledge their efforts to save the world multiple times, but addressed the fact that some saw them as vigilantes instead of heroes. Guy Pearce, Curiously, it's a tie between the last two Avengers movies, Endgame and Infinity War, for the best film of the MCU so far. Directors: $259.77M, PG-13 A man with breathtaking anger-management issues, a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you've managed to piss off every single one of them.Tony Stark to Loki. 136 min Chadwick Boseman, However, he discovered that the Palladium Arc Reactor was slowly killing him. Natalie Portman, 117 min Look at that, look at me. Along with the team, Maria Hill, Helen Cho, James Rhodes and Sam Wilson attended, and they all mingled with each other as well assume of the guests. Stark would try to boost the Avengers' membership by inviting Spider-Man to join, but the young hero turned down the offer to remain closer to the people he had sworn to protect. 147 min Chris Hemsworth, Votes: I don't much care.""Good. We're the 'Avengers,' not the 'Pre-vengers. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. He's my friend. Stars: Not for a while. Jon Favreau Stars: Robert Downey Jr., It’s Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame that really allowed the character to shine. ""Uh, sir, I think you should expect quite a big assault.T'Challa and Bruce Banner. They're good; they're not a team. We have the stones, right? 815,538 By Michael Hollan Oct 17, 2018 With the release of Avengers 4 (2019), Marvel Studios will have pulled off an amazing feat. Rachel McAdams, Doing this case-by-case cleanup isn't what this team was meant for.Nick Fury to Steve Rogers, Over the course of several months, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff would continue to operate under the radar, dealing with multiple cases, in an aim to eliminate crime and terrorism around the world. 727,582 Suddenly, a high-pitched noise disrupted the party, and an Iron Legion drone emerged. Danai Gurira, Votes: Like... Like, ? Being fully prepared for their mission, the Avengers suited up, with all of them wearing the Advanced Tech Suits, and then approached the Quantum Tunnel. The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Strange worked together to overwhelm Thanos, who fought back with the Infinity Stones. Post-production. | | Gross: | Gross: We need to draw out Ultron.Hawkeye and Captain America, While Tony Stark went to the NEXUS Internet Hub and Bruce Banner returned to the Avengers Tower, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye took the Quinjet and flew to Seoul to do recon at the U-GIN Genetic Research Facility, We have to act now. ""You're the ones Thor told us about.Peter Quill, Peter Parker and Mantis. | This momentary success was interrupted when the compound was suddenly destroyed by an airstrike, due to the 2014 Nebula bringing the Sanctuary II to 2023 through the Quantum Tunnel. Announced, Action, Adventure, Drama Director: [16], They have to be after the Scepter. This isn't just about beating him. The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations. The mutants could fill the spot of a team left by the Avengers and bring the same vibe of teammates. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Gwyneth Paltrow, Last chance, yes or no? Back on Titan, the group of heroes formulated a plan and waited for Thanos. Black Panther star Letitia Wright says all-female Avengers movie will happen: ‘It’s only a matter of time’ 'I don't think we have to fight for it,' said the MCU star Mark Ruffalo, [20], Eyes on target, folks. $333.18M, PG-13 After S.H.I.E.L.D. | Fury later spoke with the council, who opposed Fury's actions, not believing in the Initiative, but it was still allowed to proceed. Stars: And guess what, Cap? Maria Hill called Clint Barton and Tony Stark and suggested they go into hiding after the incident with Hulk. It's all been leading up to Avengers: Endgame. Tony Stark started a normal life with Pepper Potts. ""We realize up there is more your territory, but this is our fight, too.Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers to Carol Danvers. Michael Douglas, 124 min Brie Larson, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi Liv Tyler, Jared Leto, who already has played the Joker for … While she was on a mission, Natasha Romanoff was called by Phil Coulson to assist in the recruitment. Captain America then gave a speech and laid out the plan to evacuate Sokovia and rescue Black Widow. These people may be isolated, unbalanced even, but I believe with the right push they can be exactly what we need.Gideon Malick and Nick Fury, When it seemed no progress had been made with it, the Avengers Initiative was shut down by World Security Council. recovered the body of Captain America who was frozen for approximately 70 years. | Back on Earth, the Avengers boarded the Quinjet and headed to Wakanda, where they could get the Mind Stone removed from Vision. | Gross: Sequel to the 2016 Marvel film 'Doctor Strange'. Third installment of the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' franchise. 747,532 Director: Plot unknown. Falcon then put word on the street that he was looking for Ant-Man. Action, Adventure, Comedy. You tell me the second you get a signal. Jude Law, Votes: Joe Russo ""More weapons? Marisa Tomei, Votes: | Gross: Directors: D&D Beyond Benedict Wong, Action, Adventure, Fantasy Receiving a notification from the front entrance, Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers discovered Scott Lang had arrived at the New Avengers Facility for their help, so they let him in. 'Tony Stark to Steve Rogers. | As Scott Lang balances being both a superhero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past. Iron Man and Spider-Man went to Titan alongside Doctor Strange, where they allied with Star-Lord, Nebula, Mantis and Drax to try to stop Thanos, while Captain America, Banner, Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Thor, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Scarlet Witch protected Vision from the Black Order in Wakanda. ""We can snap our own fingers. | Gross: It doesn't matter who you're talking to or not.Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Gemma Chan, Action, Adventure, Fantasy Chris Hemsworth, And our one woman security force had a prior commitment on the other side of the universe. So, how big of an assault should we expect? Tony Stark and Vision brought James Rhodes back to the New Avengers Facility to be examined. Following the Snap, the surviving Avengers on Earth, completely defeated, returned to the New Avengers Facility to try to plan a possible retaliation against Thanos and if possible, undo his actions. He kind of hates us.Captain America and Falcon. | Hugo Weaving, Director: 133 min The Avengers flew to South Africa and landed outside of the Salvage Yard, where the team, minus Bruce Banner infiltrated the Churchill. Alan Taylor | 21 movies. | Gross: $390.53M, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi ""Let's beat 'em into shape.Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff. in rage. Morbius (March 19, 2021) Universe: Spiderverse. What the hell is happening? Steve Rogers, who had retired, called Romanoff, telling her he had decided to go after Barnes, despite her warnings to stay out of the situation. | Stark stated his terms for returning to them, leading to him asking about the team's status. The team, consisting of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk, defeated Loki and went their separate ways for a while. The party included comparing of girlfriends, drinking strong Asgardian liquor, and flirting between Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner. | Gross: Pre-production. Chris Evans, When a fight commenced between the two, Iron Man soon arrived, knocking Loki down, resulting in him surrendering. MCU Phase 5: Predicting The NEW Avengers Lineup. | You know, we usually work as a team here, and, uh, between you and I, morale's a little fragile. Bruce Banner, a scientist on the run from the U.S. Government, must find a cure for the monster he turns into whenever he loses his temper. Stars: T'Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past. Phase IV - takes place between the events of Captain America: The Winter Solder and Captain America: Civil War, Action, Adventure, Drama | Gross: We're the 'Avengers.' Returning through the Quantum Realm at the same time, the Avengers, minus Natasha Romanoff, and the past Nebula instead of the present one, returned to the New Avengers Facility in the present. Director: Brie Larson, All right, kid, you're an Avenger now.Iron Man to Spider-Man. Walton Goggins, Votes: Chris Evans, Votes: Awkwafina, | They then discussed Ultron and what his plans, and found that he had destroyed J.A.R.V.I.S. When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Anthony Russo, Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. would not be able to handle alone, much less defeat. Peyton Reed 130 min With Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Bruce Banner beaten, the Avengers retreated to the Quinjet left Johannesburg. Under Captain America's leadership, the team completed several operations around the world with success, until the amount of collateral damage during their conflicts caused the United Nations to pass the Sokovia Accords in an attempt to regulate their actions, turning the team from a private organization to one which was under the control of the government. Robert Downey Jr., However, Hawkeye sneaked up behind her and destroyed her weapon with one of his explosive arrows. Director: | Marvel Phases: The MCU Movie Timeline from Phase 1 to Phase 4 | Gross: Samuel L. Jackson, Let's go. The world needs the Avengers-- the full roster--""Yeah, well, not today.Maria Hill and Tony Stark, At the New Avengers Facility, Tony Stark, who was now feeling guilty for becoming distracted from the real threats coming to Earth, began work on a new suit that could be used by him to defend the world by himself. | Stars: $623.28M, PG-13 Action, Adventure, Comedy. Stars: | Best Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – Rating: 8.4 Once Ross left, the Avengers and Stark moved to the lounge area to further discuss the Sokovia Accords, a matter that they were all divided on whether they should sign or not. 149 min 502,994 | The sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and the fourth movie in the Thor saga. | The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. Edward Norton, $408.08M, PG-13 Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once the Avengers finally tracked Crossbones to Lagos, Nigeria, Captain America led a covert mission to apprehend him with Black Widow, Falcon and Scarlet Witch. | Anthony Russo, Look out for each other. [12] They were soon joined by War Machine who arrived late to help in the battle. 141 min As Captain America waited in a building and Falcon scouted the area from a roof with Redwing, Black Widow continued her training with Scarlet Witch as they sat in a café, trying to figure out Crossbones' plans. After recovering from the crash, the group was ambushed by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who mistook them for allies of Thanos. Joe Johnston Post-production. | Gross: 134 min and an important stage of Nick Fury’s career. We have no idea what other intergalactic threats are out there. Now, I thought we had a deal. Chris Hemsworth, ""Are they a threat? The MCU's Avengers Need to Be More Than EARTH'S Mightiest Heroes The MCU's Avengers have stayed on Earth for too long, so it's time for them to look to the stars to continue their mission. Five years later, Ant-Man escaped from the Quantum Realm and provided the Avengers with a chance to fix everything, so everyone was assembled once more. Although retired from his Avengers life, Tony Stark was unable to rest knowing he could do something to save the world. Director: [18] Falcon informed Black Widow[19] that it was important that Captain America did not find out about his defeat. Director: You're staying, right? 2. 1,033,448 For a a film franchise over 20 films deep, the MCU had shown a remarkable consistency. Stars: The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films are a series of American superhero films … Chris Pratt, Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe. ""Fury did. 576,336 Nia DaCosta The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. Action, Adventure, Comedy. Louis Leterrier Joe Russo It will be just different enough not merely to be a retelling of Phases 1 - 3, but not all about family or romantic partnerships. That's an arrangement the governments of the world can no longer tolerate. Stars: | Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity. ""To each other, more than likely.Clint Barton and Loki. You better think about this. However, the 2014 Thanos followed them to the present, starting the immense Battle of Earth, where Iron Man gave his life to defeat Thanos' army. | Gross: | Gross: Tom Hiddleston, I hope the MCU’s Kamala is handled as well as the one in this video game. Stark declined but Fury still kept his eye on him for the meantime. I'm doing what has to be done, to stave off something worse. Director: Your heroes are scattered.Loki to Phil Coulson. S.H.I.E.L.D. Sorry for barging in on you. $176.65M, PG-13 Following his return to Earth, Bruce Banner informed Doctor Strange and Wong that Thanos' imminent arrival was coming. Tom Holland, When Carol Danvers announced she was leaving to kill Thanos, the Avengers stopped her, with Natasha Romanoff explaining that they work as a team, and Steve Rogers adding that this was their fight, too. One round-trip each. | Gross: when Loki invaded Earth with his Chitauri army to conquer the planet. And not one of us can do it without the others.Vision. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pre-production. Michael B. Jordan, Evangeline Lilly, Votes: A victory should be honored with revels.Tony Stark and Thor. Cap, if these things circle the perimeter and get behind us, there's nothing between them and Vision. Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago, you’re just bringing them back to now, today. Richard Madden, Amidst the destruction, the Avengers were separated and trapped underneath the rubble. With the world now aware of his identity as Iron Man, Tony Stark must contend with both his declining health and a vengeful mad man with ties to his father's legacy. Fala Chen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy Two movies were enough to make us forget all the other villains that populated the MCU before Thanos. Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City. | Stark Industries remodeled Stark Tower into Avengers Tower and the team joined together in the fight against HYDRA. Afterward, Banner made his way to the New Avengers Facility and was greeted by James Rhodes. 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'-type thing.Tony Stark to Loki. Tom Holland, | 588,535 But then again, that's the hero gig, right? Once they completed the Nano Gauntlet, Rocket arose the question of who would be the one to wield it. $315.06M, PG-13 Natasha, I could really use a lullaby. Chris Evans, Joe Russo Don't change anything from the last five years.Iron Man to Hulk. Heroes from all over the MCU had a … This is the fight of our lives, and we're gonna win. Iron Man's side attempted to get Captain America to stand down, but he refused to give up. | | Votes: 814,808 | … | I wanna know who's on the other end of that thing.Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. Let's take 'em down fast, boys!Captain America, When Black Widow intercepted a call from Jensen to her colleagues in Khartoum, the Avengers quickly flew in their Quinjet to the location of Jensen's lab. | 112 min Team Avengers (Earth's Mightiest Heroes) Runs the MCU Gauntlet deactivated-5fbbca4c912de. Cate Blanchett, Meanwhile, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes arrived at the facility and began searching for Helmut Zemo, until they were joined by Tony Stark, who revealed that he believed them and was there for Zemo, too, so they searched together. When Loki was spotted in Germany, Captain America was sent to apprehend him.
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